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A home Security System is so much more than just a loud noise.

According to statistical reports on break and enter crimes, each residential robbery averages around $3,000 in property or cash loss. This however does not include the cost of having to repair your locks, doors, windows or other destruction caused by the intruders, not to mention the time taken to clean up after wards and the […]

Security Systems

For residential or commercial property owners, one priority rises above the rest: site security. Obtain peace of mind by purchasing security systems for your Hunter Valley home or business.

PRO-TECT Security Management is an accredited and fully licensed security provider. We provide as much security as you need, from on-site guards to off-site video monitoring. We also offer the industry's best security products, such as:

Intruder alarms

Intercom systems

Access control panels
Video surveillance products
Code identification systems
Remote alarms
Whether you need just a few cameras or maximum manpower, we can help you improve your site security. We employ licensed security consultants so we can advise you on the best security design for your property.
We work with a variety of clients from every industry. Whether we're serving energy providers or local home owners, our clients are always satisfied with the level of security we provide.

Construction Site Security

When the need occurs, we even offer construction site security in Hunter Valley. If you own a construction site, you may worry about vandalism, theft and other damages. Choose PRO-TECT Security Management to protect your site. We can provide a wide range of electronic security products. You'll also have access to well-trained, experienced and specialised staff members.

Cut out the middleman by calling our office today. We offer guarding services and quality equipment to streamline your security system for your Hunter Valley construction, commercial or residential property. Reach us on 1300 776 828 for New South Wales or 1300 776 830 for Queensland.


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